Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tourist photography (Reflection paper)

One thing is fascinated me during the study in this country is that everything has being studied somehow, even tourist photography. I never thought about tourist photography as a subject to study even though I enjoy them very much.

I thought, a person going to another place picks up a camera to take pictures just to show that he/she has been to there. After reading this article, I think, the habit taking pictures everywhere a person goes is not an unconscious action. If we study the content of the pictures or the photographer’s intentions of taking particular pictures we could find some systematic relationship of communication. We could define systematically organized attention to relationships between travelers, their camera use, and their reactions to host populations to photographers. Also, we can study personality or characters of certain travelers if it is needed.

I think, almost every person is a traveler. Every traveler has own way to shoot pictures because everybody has different imagination, skill or knowledge. In this sense, we could do many case studies. Also, we can study problems reflected in pictures from certain country. There are a lot of things to study.

As we discussed during this class, being a photographer the traveler misses many things to see and enjoy. The pictures taken by them just frame part of whole thing.


May, 2001

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